In this new video, titled “Botox Review:: The #1 reason I won’t be doing it again!” I review my experience with Botox injections and their downside.

I know lots of women who get Botox regularly, so when I decided to try it out, I thought, what harm could possibly be done?

The reason I did it was because I was on TV (doing the Faces MBC makeup reality show contest) and because of my hectic work schedule, realized I just didn’t look fresh and glowing on TV. I was itching to get a “polished” look and to stop moving my eye brows so much. I was also a little bit self-conscious of the lines around my mouth because I had lost so much weight from being so busy.

Although I loved the effect the Botox had on my face, I found that once a month I would get terrible headaches that seemed to pound in exactly the same spots where the doctor had injected the stuff.

In the video I talk in detail about my experience with Botox, but I want to hear YOUR experience. Have you tried it? Do you like it? Hate it? Or simply don’t care for it?

Let me of YOUR experience with BOTOX in the comments below!