Long story short I used to tan my face every day until I turned about 19 and realized the damage it was doing/had already done. My forehead wrinkles and skin texture had been one of my biggest insecurities since I had first noticed it 6 years ago. Luckily the amazingly helpful team @ The Skin Center helped me to combat that insecurity! Big thank you to them! Like I said in the video, not everybody is going to agree with your facial/body adjustments but do whatever makes YOU happy!..except for playing Pokemon Go..that ish ruins lives.

I think instead of botox you should do some laser or peel because the results is forever and that take away lines + that renew the skin . but it’s just my opinion

I just love your personality and enjoy your videos. I think you look beautiful and if a lilbotox makes you feel better go for it,…tfs and being so open and honest.You rock!!!

I dont look girlish though just young pretty face with clear complexion and defined features. Did I just get lucky and should I expect to age rapidly or gracefully?

good god glad I stopped tanning at 16 I’m 28 and always get carded and everyone says I don’t look over 17. I wonder when I will get wrinkles? no crows feet no forehead wrinkles yet. I have naturally plump lips top and bottom. I’m Nordic so I have blonde hair n blue eyes and creamy ivory skin. I do have a bit of purply circles but I never get to bed early lol maybelline master face studio conceal applied with a brush covers them 100%. So it is a good drugstore dupe for pricier Sephoras ones. I gave up smoking like 6 years ago and I wear SPF before sun exposure and use a good firming night cream. Anybody have any tips? I think genetics are a factor too.